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Jacks Bike Shop was founded by Jack in 1976. For the last 40 years, Jack supported and lived the cyclist life. Today, Jacks Bike Shop carried on by his family and has moved to a new storefront in Downtown Bay City.

Cancer Claimer Relay


The 2nd Annual CANCER CLAIMER RELAY at the Gladwin County Recreation Area

Saturday, July 29th, 2017. Time: noon to 5 pm.



Cancer: We, as in the management team, have a few friends taking on cancer and wanted to do something to help out. To keep the spotlight off them, we decided to partner up with the Seebeck Family Fund to be the medium (tax entity and formalities) to use all of the proceeds for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.


Claimer: THIS IS NOT A TRUE CLAIMER RACE.  (A ‘claimer’ is a race, typically from the motor world, in which the vehicle type is neutralized by a cost maximum. At the finish, anyone behind you has the opportunity to buy your vehicle on the cheap.)  We are NOT doing this.  Now, it’s just a gimmicky name.  What we are doing is giving you incremental penalty laps as a handicap if your equipment is worth more than about $75.  We will judge.  If you really want to show up on a $1000 bike, that’s up to you, you will get assessed penalty laps.  Don’t get hung up on the judging. The goal is to have fun on a junker and not make the accessibility of the event costly on the equipment side.  We want your money going directly to charity, not upgrading your equipment for this.


Relay: One person per team on the course at a time.

In short, it’s a team relay on mountain bike trails. The intent is to have fun racking up as many laps as possible. If you’re trying too hard to win, you’re not doing it right.

Do you need a mountain bike? No. But the course is entirely off road and a mountain bike should be your first choice. The goal is to have fun so any bike will work.  Last year we had adults on kid’s bikes, kids on adult bikes, tandems, suburban cruisers, etc.



The rules are wildly and widely opened from last year so there are no classifications.  We will use handicap penalties to even the field.  A lap is about 15 minutes, which makes a 4 person team an ideal size.  Last year we had several 1 person teams, or you could have several people on your team if you feel like sitting around most of the day.



$75 guideline, again this is NOT a claimer race.  The first annual was a claimer and we don’t want to change the name.

When your team shows up, we will look at the total value of your equipment and (probably very unfairly) assess you some penalty laps.


2-person team, sharing one bike that’s worth about $75 = zero penalty laps.

4-person team, (2 adults, 2 kids) sharing a large $50 bike and a small $25 bike = zero penalty laps.

Several young kids on a team, several bikes, we don’t care the cost = zero penalty laps.

1-person team, spandex, clipless pedals, energy gels, a $2000 bike = a bazillion penalty laps.


Creative costumes, themes, particularly out of place bicycles will gain you grace with the judges.


We won’t alter your bike other than to affix a number plate.




About 2.5 miles. Due to the location to the lodge, the trail is no more than 1000 feet from the furthest point on the trail with a gravel road right down the center. A good portion of the course might be within line of sight.



Younglings are allowed to ride on a team. The short course is not super technical and a parent may ride with the kid but not count as two laps. We are also working on having volunteers on the course to help chaperone so let one of the “officials” know and we’ll make sure everyone stays safe.

Other considerations will be given for teams of children or riders with special needs that will exempt them from penalty laps as necessary for them to be able to participate and be competitive.




Each team registration is $50 plus $10 for each rider on the team.  A team of 3 riders would have a total entry fee of $50 + $10 + $10 + $10 = $80.

Pre-entries and donations are strongly encouraged.  Last year we had teams that couldn’t afford the total fee, and others who donated hundreds of dollars more than their calculated fee.  We will work around all of this.  Just come ride, volunteer, have fun, or support, we don’t care.

The total cost per team puts the individual cost cheaper than a lot of other mountain biking events. No parking fees or other hidden costs. Outside of insurance and the hall rental, everything else goes directly to St. Jude.  We charge no administrative costs.  We don’t compensate ourselves.



There is no official registration form. Send an email to gladwincancerclaimer@outlook.com with your team name and members. There is Paypal account set up under that email if you want to send in payment or plan to bring cash or check to the event.



Please arrive before 9:30 am

Registration 9:30 – 10:30

Riders meeting 11:00 – 11:30

Prepare your junk 11:30 – 12:00

Event starts 12:00

Event ends 5:00

Awards ceremony 5:20

Awards given for sportsmanship and fun-factor.  We will probably mention the lap leader.

Overnight camping, socializing, BBQing, is allowed and encouraged.



Rider changes may only happen in the designated area.

It is the responsibility of the team to keep track of and display their laps completed.

Helmets are required.

Zero tolerance rules – Immediate disqualification:

  • Compromising the safety of other teams
  • Not following the intended course
  • Not properly documenting or intentionally falsifying lap counts
  • Disregarding or disrespecting a ruling of the judges



  • A registered bicycle must complete a lap with a number plate affixed with a registered rider for the lap to be scored.  Young kids may be exempt.
  • Penalty laps and handicap laps will be assessed by the judges at will.
  • Contributing to the cause may reduce your penalty laps.
  • Being cool may reduce your penalty laps.
  • There will be a penalty wheel.

Penalty Examples:

  • Remove and reassemble your rear wheel
  • Judge takes one lap on your bike at his pace
  • Gift one of your laps to a competitor of your choice
  • One lap wearing a Sasquatch costume


Rider Requirements:

No whining allowed.

Rider portability; you may ride on more than one registered team for an additional $20.



Gladwin County Recreation Area.

365 Shaw Rd. or Pratt Lake Road

Gladwin, MI 48624




We will have use of the lodge facilities, shelter, free parking, bathrooms, etc.





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